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You are my blessing

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you are my blessing

When the shit hits the fan, one of the many things that we do is push the blame onto others.

I assume that we all have an experience that we initially thought negatively of, which ironically turned out to be a blessing for us.
Even with our "adversaries" or so-called "enemies", if we truly understand their purpose of existence, I would say their presence is a blessing. I am not saying with any form of ease...Learning to accept others with 'understanding' is indeed a journey that doesn't happen overnight and is still a work in progress, even with me.

I do sincerely appreciate anyone who has entered, no matter how short-lived, in my life. This is even for those that have caused me pain, inconveniences, or even betrayed me. How would I ever learn and grow without any of these individuals? Hatred, anger, mistrust, and countless emotions that I have experienced have been valuable lessons from interpersonal interactions that have existed in my life.
If you view anyone in a negative light, I hope you could revise your perspective to one without hate but with acceptance and understanding that they are there to teach you and help you grow. Let me be clear... I will not pretend to have known that my so-called enemies were intended to help me - I highly doubt that - but in hindsight, their provided experiences have helped me get to where I am now.

The renewing of our minds transforms us, so be intentional in maintaining a deep understanding of blessings and remember that you have the opportunity to be bless-full to others. Anybody who comes into your life is your blessing, and you should treat them as such. We would take extra care in how we talk to others in our day-to-day interactions. Keeping that in mind, you have many opportunities to speak and act blessings over your loved ones, friends, and even your enemies. I no longer hate people who caused me pain or betrayed me, even though it does bother me from time to time. However, I am thankful that I have learned because of them. It took me a while to get here thus far, but I am more peaceful than before. It indeed is a journey. When conflicts occur with people, I can hear them better than before, and I've noticed that solving the disputes gets much easier.

If you have entered my life, regardless of the duration, you are my blessing; and I am truly thankful for that.


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