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do not weaponize your words

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IG: @taschography

We all can admit that we have said at least a few, if not many regretful words to family, friends, colleagues, and associated people. Either that defines us or not is debatable. Hypothetically, if any words we said to others have instant effects on them, would you still say those words without giving a second thought?  Imagine all the curse words that exist in the English language alone? We need to study the power of words with direct and indirect associations with our qualities of characters, circumstances, and life. Honesty is the word with morality; the quality that most of us preferred to exchange. We all can provide honest comments and opinions about many things. It's natural for us to have views and criticize without much-given considerations of the receiver's circumstances in that body of work. Are we ready to receive them as we are so ready to give?

Critique is an essential part of the design and any creative process. Many designers take this personally, with many valid reasons. 

I have debated, persuaded, and even argued because I believed in my team's designs with legitimate grounds. But what I didn't realize was the power of listening. Sometimes, it takes different strength in you to listen. I have learned to take criticisms as a window of opportunity to look at many minds are working differently from many angles. It's not a matter of right or wrong; rather, which way will be more efficient for the right reasons.

There's a vast difference when you provide critique because they want your honest opinion vs. when you criticize. After all, you want your opinion, ideas to count as necessary or essential, but for whom, though?

I had learned to form and provide honest opinions when I was asked to. You may agree or disagree, but it has saved me from many unnecessary conflicts.

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