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We have powerful emotions and opinions about matters that close to our hearts. Translating those emotions in any form can be challenging because it requires us to do research in-depth that may take us to discomforting places. How the hell are we going to translate those emotions to products, services, or even lifestyles? I am on that journey and still in the process of building that lifestyle that I desire.

I often ask my potential clients, "What's the message of your brand?" "Exactly what are you trying to achieve?" Many of them gave me a personal story with the primary purpose: to make money off the products they want to develop and sell. Nothing wrong with that. However, how does it make me want to buy your products or obtain your service over others already established?

Find words, books, images, colors, materials, and discuss with trusted people, whatever it is that helps translate and describe your motivations and emotions. It will become your brand image and message, the fundamental foundations, the blueprint.
We have a global platform called the internet. I guarantee you some of the 7.8 billion people on this planet can associate with your emotions and will like, love, if not just agree with your message.

There are up-and-coming designers and people who love fashion and start their brands; many neglect the fundamental foundations. Design your intentions and build around to support that message and its authenticity and transparency. More importantly, live and conduct those values authentically.

Think about why you would purchase products that are not essential to your life? Please keep in mind that every product ( and service) has its purpose and delivers some emotional connection.

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