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Persepective is key
Level up

It's not just hard work that takes you to the next level. It requires a network of relationships, higher levels of understanding, talent, skillset, experience, finance management, and actions aligned with the mindset.

Often, we complain about our current situations that we aren't satisfied with, whether it's relationships, financial struggle, current job positions, etc. However, have you evaluated yourself in your present circumstances?
Suppose you will complain about an issue before looking to solve it or putting effort into getting better results. How will you tackle more complicated or more extensive problems that arise?

How do we level up? We must study and pass tests just like we had when we were kids in school. We often look up to the people who excel in areas where we want to do better - fame, fortune, and power – without realizing what's required to obtain and manage life at a higher status. Hence, we have to learn how to operate and maintain at our current level before tackling what's next. Although we may not succeed at first, we could gain knowledge and experience to help us progress.

We must prioritize and not complaining and blaming others for our present situation. It is more beneficial to analyze and look for solutions that improve those matters at hand. It's a natural reaction to get frustrated when the results don't turn out as expected. Still, understanding that frustration, or any other negative emotion, will not progress the circumstance will help shift the focus into a solid solution. This is a thought process that will help you get closer to reaching the next level.

Remember that it would be challenging to handle significant, high-pressure, and extensive matters if you can't control or manage your feelings. It is indeed an arduous task, to say the least. Still, I have started to put every effort into maintaining my emotions and looking into the best solutions for every situation.

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