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The obstacles that we face are indeed beautiful events if we can look at them with wider lenses.

Suppose we change our perspective to appreciate and better understand problems, obstacles, and conflicts... If we did, I believe that we would create a much more peaceful place. Problems and solutions co-exist in the same universe; they're like a Yin and a Yang, just like attorneys and criminals; sadness and happiness; up and down. There cannot be one without the other. Let's appreciate and embrace the obstacles and use creative tactics to tackle the problems.

I don't want to sugarcoat the topic, but I want to give it to you as raw and honest as possible, so let's pose this question... Do I always handle adversities with a positive attitude? Of course not; I am only human. I'd be the first to admit that my initial emotion about my problems isn't always optimistic. However, I do put effort into looking at these issues as challenges for me to overcome, which helps me grow. This mindset pushes me to dissect problems differently as I try to put my negative emotions aside.

Imagine if we all could look at our own conflicts, inconveniences & obstacles in an unconventional way instead of bickering and complaining... Imagine how this simple action could elevate our society.

For us to level up, we must pass the exams that are given to us. What happens when we put more energy into the problem instead of focusing on solving the conflict. How would we be able to solve much bigger issues? I believe that we can learn to maneuver within any issues without harming or jeopardizing others.

Without obstacles, inconveniences, problems & conflicts, how are we able to evolve? It's our mental attitude that dictates our reactions, which in turn, will dictate the results.


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