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Money is an energy form of ultimate sacrifice from our ancestors, community, society, blood, and sweat. To obtain a significant amount of money and gain financial freedom, we are obligated to impact and lead our community and future generations.  Money is not to be saved but to utilize for better and bigger purposes with much more prominent and complex challenges. If you don't have the right sense of wisdom and ability to manage this vital tool, the tool doesn't belong to you. Most of us are chasing the financial gain to get by and pay bills most of our lives. Let's re-evaluate ourselves to learn how to use this essential tool for better and bigger than us. We are here on this planet, this lifetime, to achieve beyond to get by and buy expensive products and properties.

Money doesn't belong to an individual.  Sounds funny since we know some of us to have a lot more than we are. The stress consists of when we are stuck in financial struggles. And rightfully so, it's a vast challenge to think otherwise when you are under pressure of economic survival.

To gain financial freedom, the decisions we are to make, we must evaluate reasons, the worthy of justification, rather than focus on financial gain. As human history tell us how much we have evolved thus far, the legends, successful individuals who managed millions of dollars, companies, and employees intend to fulfill their passions and serve the community. They are a life change part of our history. One of the few things in common with these individuals is their passion, belief, and unapologetic faith to persist regardless of financial struggles. They didn't use financial difficulties as a reason to change their course; instead, they use it as a tool to fulfill their purposes.

When money dictates, many matters, including morality, can be compromised more often than not. What's your intention and plan to obtain this vital tool? 

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