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words have power
transform your communication

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Everything starts with how we communicate.

How many relationships have taken a wrong turn because of how we've used our words, tone, or delivery? I bet you've heard or said more than once, "It's not what you say; it's how you say it."

Words are a form of energy that we exchange. If you look into your various relationships, whether family, colleagues, friends or loved ones, how they turn out heavily weighs on the communication. If we understood how our conversations could affect each other, we would be more considerate and take the time to learn to deliver our intentions properly.

It is also wise to take accountability when you "Talk," so choose your words wisely. If the recipient misunderstood your message, you might have selected the wrong words to convey your message. Therefore, it's best practice to talk with a calculated purpose and evaluate our emotions and tones to prevent misinterpretations. Often we intend to blame the recipient for their lack of understanding; "why you don't get it?", "Why can't you understand?" or close the conversation with "you don't get it." However, if you flipped the coin on this situation, isn't our intent to make the recipient understand our message in the first place?  Hence, we need to evaluate our way of communication if the recipient does not understand whether words, tones, or delivery method.
Usually, any unpleasant arguments and conflicts occur because of misunderstandings caused by often specific words or tones.

When conflicts occur during a conversation, please keep in mind that the arguments, and subtle disturbances, will damage the recipient's energy as much as yours, whether you are aware of it or not.

If you are struggling or uncertain how to express or articulate to convey the message, be open about it; the listener(s) will be more open to putting their effort into understanding your intention.

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