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Greed by Steve Cutts

Image/ Artwork

by: Steve Cutts

IG: @steve_cutts_official

In today's political climate and in human history, the poor claim that the rich are too greedy with their own money, while the wealthy claim that the poor are too greedy with money that isn't their own.

Greed lies behind a feeling of entitlement, the sense that someone else owes you something. An entitled person believes a lie: "I don't have the money for it, so somebody else ought to buy it for me. After all, I deserve to have it." This face of greed always displays a lack of gratitude and often reveals anger. Entitlement sends people on a consuming binge. It's easy to accept the mistaken idea that rich people are greedy, and I am sure that some are. However, (although this may be beside the point) have you honestly questioned whether wealthy people are greedy, or have they gone through an extraordinary journey to obtain their wealth?

What makes us feel entitled? Is it because we put in hard work, spending enormous amounts of time making so-called sacrifices in our lives for future potential success, over our joyful moments? Who measures the hard work, and by whose standards is it measured?

Often, unnecessary conflicts with others are caused by the greed that starts within us, whether material or immaterial. Because we don't investigate whatever we may lack to obtain what we desire but project our dissatisfaction onto others as if nothing is fair in life and justify our greed with whatever reason that suits us. The disputes breed various negative emotions; hate, anger, frustrations, jealousy, and so on. At this point, who is suffering? Let me remind you, often greedy people are miserable or end up having a ruined legacy.

I highly suggest evaluating your negative emotions, whether it's coming from your greed or not. It requires us to enter a brutally honest-with-yourself space. It is one of the most challenging spaces I have entered; however, it is a prerequisite to gain a peaceful mind.


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