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good job vs bad job
good job vs bad job

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By Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Do you have a good job or a bad job? What makes it so? What happens when we take FINANCIAL GAIN out of the equation to determine whether you have a good job or a lousy job?


When looking for a job position, do you evaluate your motives? If one is looking solely for financial gain, could there be praised for doing a good job? Perhaps the only reward is temporary comfort in the form of compensation? What if we let our minds focus on the purpose of our actions and how we can help others instead of the financial gain? I'm sure we all have heard how our minds have enormous powers over our lives, and this is something that might be worth tuning into.


Let's take a look at simple business transactions: When purchasing something, do you think of how the goods or service could positively affect you and others? 

When I go food shopping, I adjusted my thoughts to how my selections would be nutritious for myself and my family. I realized that I have slowly let go of unnecessary junk foods over time. 

And when selling, do you think of the positive impact you can provide? 

Imagine a real estate agent that shifts their mind to help an individual or family find their dream home instead of calculating their commissions.


Let's not allow the thought of financial gain to cloud our purpose. 

A job is not just to gain financially in exchange for your skills, talents, or experience; it is an enormous opportunity to learn and to contribute.


Our daily routines make it so that we're not giving much attention or intention to our actions. It is effortless to be "lazy," especially when no one is watching. But if we give in, then not are we only losing the battle within ourselves; we are also doing society a disservice. Because of this, I have been practicing exercising; how can I be helpful; what could I do to be better? It takes effort, and it could be exhausting; however, I encourage you to shift the focus to the 'joy' and 'pride' of accomplishments. It changed my life.

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