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Have you had any experience in a situation that you understood everything and yet still bothersome to your heart?

As a hired designer, I understood the conditions and circumstances such as budget, number of styles, timelines, and I have designed based on those given to me. I often found myself bothered by the results, just didn't quite satisfy me.  Also, I have created collections based on my heart leads regardless of the conditions and took me a different toll.

Finding that balance is challenging internally and externally; it can cause conflicts with yourself, your team, management, or clients.  There's no right or wrong answer to this since it often swifts based on the conditions and situations. However, your effort in finding that balance will help you deliver your best work.

One of the solutions that work for me so far is, to in-take all the conditions without judgment or complaints, design as the heart leads, then compare notes and review and revise the designs with the requirements.

Additionally, and importantly, can you sleep at night with the work that you did? Keep in mind that designing is a process of revisions, including the conditions, and can change along the way.

As employed designers at organizations, most of us complain about the changes and back and forth with such a short timeline, which is crucial in the fashion industry.  Suppose you can learn to accept that designing is a process of the constant change of the conditions, unforeseen situations, and the ability to adjust and find the balance. You will see the progress that may satisfy you with fewer struggles and increase your productivity.

More than often, finding that balance can be difficult, but it takes many practices to be good at it, just like anything else in life.

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