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When you think of your favorite brand(s), what do you remember besides the product or the service? What gives you that 'Wow' feeling? These are the questions I consider and also bring to my clients' attention when working on branding.

Packaging is a crucial part of branding. It can elicit emotions and leave a lasting impression on clients. Consumers can tell if the packaging of products is well thought out and cohesive to the companies aesthetic. Reaching for their wallet only if the spending dollars are justified.

The importance of packaging can be found everywhere. For example, let's look at the cosmetic industry. A sector worth an estimated $97.3 Billion, their packaging costs were valued at 26.29 billion dollars in 2019, which is well over 25%.

The packaging (poly bag, hangtag, ribbons, boxes, etc.) is likely to be discarded by the consumer unless there is a way to repurpose the packaging. If the packaging of a product can be reused for other purposes, an opportunity can be created for consumers to remember the brand for more than just the benefits of the actual product.  This improves the chance of the consumer to become a repeat customer. Are all surprises and added benefits also help build brand loyalty.

You want your packaging to have positive and meaningful use while maintaining the brand message, image, and purpose. This is what the customer remembers and what a brand must always keep in mind.

There are many creative ways to convert your packaging to be repurposed while maintaining the brand's integrity. Sustainability and repurposing (recycle/up-cycle) is also a way to help the environment. Be creative and contribute to helping out the planet while building an attractive brand.


As an example:

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