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What's meaning of Power
Helping is a form of power

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When I was employed at an urban men's wear company, one of my associate designers was good at CAD; his Adobe Illustrator skills were terrific. He was good at what he's doing. Able to translate your ideas into visuals is a skill you have to train, study, and invest some time in yourself. I asked him one day about a specific technique of how he got it done. He refused to share. I understood because even though we were team members, we were competing with each other as well. Who's design sells more, gets more compliments, that dictated the collection leader for that season; that was the tone of that design team.

A few years later, I was employed at different men's wear company. I was hired as an associate designer, and we had a cad designer. I often visit his desk with questions that will improve techniques to save time or for better results. He was never hesitant to share what or how he does his work. Whenever I found better or new techniques, I shared them with him and the team members. Usually, that often led to many short discussions about who's method is more efficient based on the results we'd like to achieve.

The dynamic of the team matters more than we may realize. The first company I worked at had countless petty dramas that affected everybody's productivity, decision making, and growth and, as a result, lasted two years. The 2nd company I worked for had the best dynamic that I ever experienced. We created the 'got your back' dynamic from small gestures. The sales were increased; the design team got strengthened; my team members' skills and techniques got better, often inspired, motivated, and excited about the process.

We all have something else that others don't. Whatever your skill, talent, technique, knowledge, or even friendly advice, if someone asks you, share them.

What are your skills, what's your element, and how would you utilize them to assist?
Having the ability to assist and help is a form of power. Whatever you decided to do, that is the tone of your team, your company, your relationships, and your life.

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